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Designing and teaching a technical writing course


Northrop-Grumman Corporation was experiencing difficulties with engineers and project managers writing standards, procedures, and reports for acceptance by its principal customer, the U.S. Air Force. Under a demonstration grant funded by the U.S. Department of Labor, the Santa Clarita Community College District engaged Urgo & Associates to assess needs and then design, develop, and deliver a customized course on technical writing for Northrop-Grumman.


Very informative about P&P, and his [Raymond’s] passion gets me excited about P&P. RODOLFO LOPEZ Grant Writer, El Camino Community College     Raymond actually makes P&P sound interesting. VANESSA FLINT Techincal Writer

Our assessment indicated Northrop-Grumman was communicating its technical information in ways 30 years obsolete. We designed a customized course to meet their needs. We taught leading-edge approaches to technical writing, including techniques, formats, styles, and grammar. We also taught cost-effective ways to plan and manage the development of documentation projects. We advised on ways to transition the new writing approaches into their existing documents while meeting the requirements of their customer, the U.S. Air Force.


Throughout the course, the most frequent comments of the participants were that the course exceeded their expectations and enhanced their confidence in writing. At the end, participants indicated an interest in re-attending the course, attending advanced courses, having others attend the course, and in retaining Urgo & Associates for consultations.

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