P&P Policies and Procedures Consulting
P&P Policies and Procedures Consulting

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Planning a strategic investment in policies and procedures


A re-engineering effort at Southern California Water Company (SCWC) called for creating a policies and procedures (P&P) group. After several months, the designated members of the group realized they were struggling in getting P&P practices in place, and in serving their internal customers adequately. SCWC engaged Urgo & Associates for immediate advice on formulating a P&P program.


You are indeed the expert in the [policies and procedures] field, and I hope to be able to help you succeed even more. JOY OSAKA-LU Policies & Procedures Specialist

Urgo & Associates learned about SCWC’s current situation, needs, and goals for developing procedural information. Then, we devised and presented a strategic plan to the executives and managers for quickly creating a formal P&P program as an organizational investment. We recommended SCWC focus on three components for a successful investment: a P&P documentation development process, formal training in P&P documentation, and a P&P information architecture to reflect and support the newly re-engineered business strategies. SCWC took our advice and further engaged our services to implement these components.


Within two months, the P&P group had a clear purpose and a plan to follow. The group gained a positive reputation for its talents to the extent that other departments requested the same training in P&P documentation. The company was among the first in its industry, regionally, to have leading-edge approaches in P&P documentation.

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