P&P Policies and Procedures Consulting
P&P Policies and Procedures Consulting

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Assessing organizational practices in policies and procedures


The director of training and documentation at Wescom Credit Union sensed a need to advance the organization’s talents and practices for communicating policies and procedures (P&P). He was curious to know what other department leaders thought, what improvements they might want, and how they could achieve improvements effectively. Wescom engaged Urgo & Associates for a formal assessment and advice.


I appreciate your help and admire the wealth of knowledge you posses. Thank you for ideas about measuring the quality of [online P&P] product and services. This proved to be very useful. DIANE GARCIA Sr. Technical Communications Specialist, Wescom Credit Union

Urgo & Associates used its P&P maturity model to assess the level of maturity (quality) of Wescom’s P&P program. We also interviewed department managers for their concerns with P&P and to validate our earlier findings. Then, we advised the management team of our findings and recommended ways to achieve a higher maturity level in the P&P program.


The management team used our findings and recommendations to persuade senior executives of the need to revamp Wescom’s current practices, staffing, and positioning of its P&P function. As a result, improvements included hiring personnel more competent in P&P, positioning the P&P function to be more visible and service oriented, and
investing in leading-edge software for communicating P&P electronically.

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