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Moderating a panel of policies and procedures specialists


Adobe Systems (then e-Help Corporation) wanted to sponsor a panel session featuring its clients’ experiences communicating policies and procedures (P&P) online. Because of his reputation as a leader in P&P communication, Adobe engaged Raymond Urgo to propose, coordinate, and moderate the panel session at an international conference on technical communication.


I am taking away tips and inspiration I can use at my job tomorrow. GABRIELLA LOPEZ Librarian East Los Angeles College – South Gate Education Center

Raymond wrote the proposal the conference committee accepted. He prepared the panelists (P&P specialists representing Adobe’s client companies) for participating. He designed the session to have the panelists comment on and discuss a range of topics which organizations typically need to know about for a successful transition to online P&P.


In their evaluations, attendees indicated favorable praise for the session. They rated Raymond, as moderator, at 90 percent for content and delivery. Attendees saw Adobe as a leading provider supportive to the community of P&P specialists. They also saw the panelists as reputable specialists with online P&P.

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