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Teaching & Mentoring

Mentoring an employee in policies and procedures


At Intel Corporation (then Xircom, Inc.), Urgo & Associates was nearing completion of a long-term, policies and procedures (P&P) documentation development project. Extremely satisfied with our documentation approach and results, Intel engaged Urgo & Associates to develop an employee to maintain their P&P documentation investment.


I’d like to learn much more from him [Raymond]. DEBBIE SMITH Trainer, Teletech Corp & USCGA

Intel selected an employee with no expertise in P&P documentation. Urgo & Associates designed and delivered a mentoring program tailored to the employee’s existing talents and work schedule, and Intel’s needs. We mentored the employee on documentation development techniques, styles, flow charting, and managing documentation projects. We coached the employee on positioning his role within the company and in developing effective work relations with subject experts and the users of the information.


Besides gaining new talents and a new career, the employee reported greater self confidence and a promotion. The client reduced its expenses for certain consulting services while maintaining its investment developed by Urgo & Associates.

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