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Coaching on managing projects and work relationships effectively


While seeking full-time employment, an unemployed technical writer discovered an opportunity to be self-employed on a short-term project-developing a procedures manual for a technology staff. The writer began work on the project without a clear understanding of the expectations and terms, including compensation. He encountered conflicts with team members and soon found the project deadline nearing and his in-progress manual mostly unfinished. The writer sensed his professional reputation at stake. Experiencing fear, uncertainty, and doubt, the technical writer engaged Raymond Urgo to coach him on improving the project and business relationship.


Your coaching has given me personal and leadership tools that have improved my professional development. I have gained confidence in leading people and addressing conflict. I appreciate and value what you have given me. SHAUNA MCGEE Technical Writer & Instructional Design Specialist

Raymond helped the technical writer assess the issues leading to his involvement in the engagement, frame the issues with his current situation, and better determine his career goals for succeeding with the engagement. Raymond coached the writer on implementing an action plan to re-position his role in the engagement and to clarify and re-negotiate terms with his contract administrator. Raymond introduced the writer to techniques for estimating and status reporting to control the project’s outcome successfully.


After several sessions, the writer reported successes in remedying his situation. Importantly, he realized that being self-employed required handling matters differently than as an employee. He completed the project with a negotiated extension on the deadline and received compensation on satisfactory terms. The writer later reported he returned to full-time employment with lessons learned on managing projects and work relations more effectively.

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