P&P Policies and Procedures Consulting
P&P Policies and Procedures Consulting

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Developing Policies & Procedures

Defining and documenting simplified practices
for restaurant operations


The Operations Department at Taco Bell wanted to better capture and communicate knowledge among employees on its “field-readiness” process. This process is their systematic project management program for developing, testing, and rolling out new products, equipment, and promotions to its restaurants throughout the United States. Taco Bell engaged Urgo & Associates to define and document the policies and procedures (P&P) on its field readiness process.


Urgo & Associates collaborated closely with the Operations Department to identify and design the phases, stages, tasks, and knowledge needed in its field-readiness process. We designed a P&P manual according to the process. We structured information into modular units to enhance accessibility, reduce unnecessary reading, and allow for easy use online. We devised an index, forms, checklists, and other quick reference aids to help employees easily perform key practices in the process.


Good ideas for real situations. JEFF HAAS Technical Writer Specialist

Employees readily accepted the new manual and reference aids for their user-friendly content, which in turn enhanced their confidence in participating on rollout projects. Taco Bell gained additional value with the manual by using it in training classes, thereby not having to create and maintain another manual. For the first time, employees had in place both a standard field-readiness process and an effective P&P manual for learning and on-going reference. They have since placed the manual online and can develop a knowledge base of lessons learned when following their field-readiness process for future rollouts.

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