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Coaching on career transition to self-employed technical writer


You helped me focus on what type of work I was really interested in, and helped me think about how I could pursue job opportunities. MARYANN HOWELL Owner, Hikari Publishing

A former aerospace engineer in retirement was seeking information on becoming a part-time, self-employed technical writer. A chapter president of the Society for Technical Communication referred him to Raymond Urgo for advice and assistance. After an initial complimentary session with Raymond, and learning of Raymond’s background and professional reputation, the retiree retained Raymond as an advisor and coach to more quickly explore and achieve his career goal.


Raymond led the client through a series of self-assessment exercises. He advised the client on the evolving technical communication profession and on resources (information, people, and opportunities) relevant to the client’s budding interests. He coached the client on staying accountable to an action plan for exploring the career transition.


After several sessions, the client suddenly recognized that his initial goal was unrealistic for himself. He realized that a transition into an allied field of writing might be more fulfilling to his values and present lifestyle needs. Through Raymond’s coaching, the client quickly self-discovered a need to modify his career goal, thereby saving himself further time, money, and efforts in pursuing something not suitable.

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