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P&P Policies and Procedures Consulting

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Coaching on career transition into policies and procedures


The manager of a customer service department in a mid-size company was seeking a transition to a career in policies and procedures (P&P) documentation and with a different employer. She was experiencing difficulty finding suitable information about the P&P discipline and employment opportunities. She was somewhat uncertain about repositioning her talents and at times felt discouraged. At the advice of three people in the technical communication profession, she contacted and then engaged Raymond Urgo for career advice and coaching.


Raymond Urgo gave me a formalized glimpse into the P&P field by offering a class at UCLA and providing me with invaluable career mentoring. He has shown me what can be accomplished through effective P&P. JOY OSAKA-LU Policies & Procedures Specialist

Raymond advised the client on trends, talents, needs, opportunities, and resources for a P&P career. He coached her in identifying her career talents, values, and goals. He also coached her in adopting a marketing strategy (including positioning, resume design, interviewing tactics, and potential opportunities) best suited to her background and goals.


Since engaging Raymond’s coaching services in 1998, this former client has been continuously employed in P&P opportunities. She has evolved her talents as a P&P specialist focused on a financial services niche and is readily in demand. Raymond has even contracted her for assistance with his corporate client projects.

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