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P&P Policies and Procedures Consulting

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Advising on best practices in policies and procedures


An officer of The Boeing Company (then McDonnell Douglas) was suddenly assigned responsibility to oversee the company’s policies and procedures (P&P) systems. The officer had little knowledge of the role and function of P&P systems. The staffs of the P&P groups were struggling on how to improve their P&P documentation practices. They were curious how their P&P practices compared to those at similar companies. Lacking extensive knowledge in this specialty, Boeing engaged Urgo & Associates for expert advice on P&P.


Thank you for the most informative, instructive, and motivating consultation! I was so impressed with your amount of knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed your enthusiasm. DIANE PISKULIC Technical Communicator, Teledyne Electronic Technologies

Urgo & Associates facilitated consultative sessions to understand Boeing’s overall approach and challenges with P&P. We educated and advised the Boeing groups on methods, resources, and emerging trends in P&P. We collaborated with the groups to devise best practices for their P&P needs, such as documentation approaches, positioning and developing the P&P staffs, and delivering information online.


Our expertise helped Boeing’s officer and P&P staffs become readily knowledgeable about best practices in P&P for themselves. They learned how to position their role with P&P, what critical needs to focus on, and what actions to take to be a more competitive industry leader through P&P communications. The officer and P&P staffs also became more confident and team focused in their pursuits with P&P practices at Boeing.

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