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Recorded Webinar on Policies & Procedures Communication Now Available

News Release // June 18, 2009

Los Angeles, CA – June 18, 2009 – Urgo & Associates, the leader in Policies & Procedures Communication, today announced the availability of a free recording of a webinar recently delivered by Raymond Urgo. The webinar, Creating Policies & Procedures that Get Used – Making Your Business Run More Effectively, was sponsored and hosted by Madcap Software.

In the webinar, Raymond Urgo pointed out that most organizations develop their policies and procedures (P&P) content out of habit, imitation, and ignorance. He discussed the limitations of a commonly used traditional approach and the advantages of a leading-edge approach for developing and communicating P&P content for meeting the needs of today’s organizations. Through more than 30 topics filled with anecdotes, examples, and resources, Urgo showed and described the application of principles, techniques, styles, and formats for conveying P&P in print and online in ways that users prefer and that enhance organizational performance.

This 60-minute, recorded webinar is now available free at https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/705188285.

MadCap Software, a leading provider of software for content development, delivery, and management, sponsored this webinar as part of its on-going webinar series to further knowledge and learning in the fast-growing content development industry.

Raymond E. Urgo is an internationally recognized expert, leader, educator, author, and speaker on policies and procedures communication. He holds the honorary rank of Fellow in the Society for Technical Communication.

Urgo & Associates advises organizations on trends and best practices for investing in policies and procedures systems and content to transform workplace learning and performance.

For further information, contact Raymond Urgo at rurgo@urgoconsulting.com
or 323-851-6600.