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Importance of “Nimbleness” in Managing Policies & Procedures

– Raymond E. Urgo


After the early May 2010 bomb scare in New York Times Square, U.S. Government officials realized the importance of closing a security hole in its No-Fly List Policy—after spending seven years and half a billion dollars developing the policy.

Within about one day after capturing the suspect, the government changed its original policy from checking the list within twenty-four hours before a flight to within two hours.


Changing policies and procedures, communicating the changes, and ensuring effective implementation are among the biggest challenges organizations face.

These challenges are related to the size and complexities of the necessary changes, as well as to the ability and readiness of the affected parties to comply.

Solution: P&P system

It is essential to foster an environment in which the culture respects that policies and procedures are in place, managed, and communicated.

To implement that culture and meet the challenges of today in the ever-changing world of business, a policies and procedures system must be in place. Only then can organizations be nimble enough to immediately identify gaps, make the necessary policies and procedures changes, and communicate and implement those changes.

For advice about implementing a complete policies and procedures system that allows for nimbleness in policies and procedures, contact Urgo & Associates.