P&P Policies and Procedures Consulting
P&P Policies and Procedures Consulting

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Ask the P&P Expert is a complimentary service of Urgo & Associates. Raymond Urgo provides facts and opinions in response to your question concerning the following on policies and procedures communication:

  • the discipline’s opportunities, resources, best practices, and trends
  • the practitioner’s talents, role, job, business, and career
  • the information development process and project management
  • the information approaches, structures, styles, formats, and media
  • the issues and challenges faced by users and organizations

U&A’s Policy

Here is Urgo & Associates’ policy with Ask the P&P Expert:

Just ask Raymond! - A frequent quote of clients and colleagues
  • You can expect a response usually within two to six business days.
  • You may not reprint or publish our response without our written permission.
  • We acknowledge all questions; however, we do not guarantee an answer.
  • We are not liable for any answer.
  • We may publish your question (anonymously of your name
    and organization) and our answer.

Ask Raymond a question on policies and procedures communication.