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Raymond Urgo - Principal & Consultant at Urgo & Associates--Policies & Procedures Consulting

Raymond E. Urgo

Raymond E. Urgo, Principal of Los Angeles-based Urgo & Associates, is an internationally recognized expert on the development, communication, and management of policies and procedures systems and information in organizations. For attaining eminence in the arts and sciences of technical communication, he holds the highest rank, fellow, achieved by less than a half percent of the 20,000 members in the Society for Technical Communication worldwide. Prior to founding his policies and procedures consulting practice in 1993, Raymond advanced into leadership positions involving policies and procedures systems at major New York- or Los Angeles-based corporations.

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World leader in policies and procedures communication
Management consultant to organizations
Educator and instructor
Coach and mentor
Author and speaker
Professional affiliations
Honors and awards


Raymond’s associates have the following expertise which supports developing policies and procedures communication to enhance organizational performance:

  • Management and organizational development
  • Performance improvement
  • Instructional design, development, and training
  • Teaching, coaching, and mentoring
  • Information design, development, and management
  • Technical writing and indexing